Iva Janezashvili (17.06.1989)


I’m a photographer from Tbilisi, Georgia. I attended the basic course of Art Photography and Design Studio in Tbilisi. I am living in Klagenfurt, Austria, since 2013.  

I’ve been doing the photograpy professionally since 2012. I’m a Master of APG in Georgia. Certificated as a EP (European Photographer) by FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers), where I’m a member too.

I’m also a member of FIAP (Federation Internationale de I’Art Photographique).

I have been awarded many times and have won a lot of prices.

My  main vision in photography is Landscape, though I’m eager to master  in reporting, portrait, and photojournalism.

I obsess a Nikon D810 with different lenses and a Fujifilm X100T as well.

Each of my photos tells about my world, where I live in, or as I imagine it, peace, warm and Colorful. My view of photography doesn’t mean to make the viewers feel dramatic. Just on the contrary, I try respectfully my pictures to be totally very positive, I always try not to reflect those painful themes from everyday life, where from the humans try to escape, which affects on our spirit.